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Process Servers, Skip Tracers, Private Investigators, Firearm Training, Security Guards

We don't like titles. We work better in secret. At Pharaoh Protection, we pride ourselves on being discreet. Our family believes that our work is more important than public credit. The goal we strive for is to give you some peace of mind. Some people say we're very mysterious. The important thing is we are good at what we do. The company's orgins are firearm instruction and security consultation. We help people become responsible gun owners and contract with companies to help them improve. 
Since our opening, we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to incomparable customer care keeps our community coming back. We live by the motto "Where your safety is our business" because it's true. Everything about this company embodies that motto in every way. We don't just offer armed guys to protect you. We also train and work with you. We try to find the best way for you to feel safer. All for the end goal of helping you find some peace of mind.
Our people come from all walks of earth and bring with them an unthinkable amount of experience. We have professional skip tracers, process servers, private investigators, and firearm instructors. Some come from a sports background, vehicle sales, security field, Freemasonry, volunteers at fire departments, delivery services, and full time parents to name a few. With that experience and your help, we believe we can make our community safer.



A Look at Some of Our Latest Work

Modern Houses


January 25, 2025

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City Skyscrapers


January 25, 2025

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Modern Houses Neighborhood


January 25, 2025

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